Balance your home’s temperature

Winter temperatures can create variations in your comfort within a home. Do you home have rooms that are always colder or warmer than other rooms, and wondered what you can do to balance them out to be closer to the same?

Every home is different in the way heating systems are set up and so efficiencies can vary home to home, your basic furnace setup forces warm warmed air (heat) out and returns cooler air to be rewarmed and circulated back through the home. Your thermostat controls have multiple settings Temps: (Cool, Heat and Off) Fan: (Auto, and On) and Temperature setting: (UP or Down).

The basic purpose of the Forced air systems is to warm the air through a heat exchanger where the fan will circulate air passed it throughout the home based on your thermostat settings, once the thermostat senses the correct temperature it will shut off the burners then the fan until it is called on again to repeat this cycle. There are many reasons for unbalanced temperatures within a home, (Register too close to Thermostat, Cool air return too far away from Thermostat, not enough or covered cool air return vents, doors closed to non-vented rooms) and so on. A good Quality HVAC company can help you determine where improvements can be made to help your homes heating system efficiency.

*One trick I learned to help balance your home’s temperatures is to simply set your Fan controls to the ON position, this will increase the time heated air is circulated in your home, your Fan will run continually and the burners will only kick on when the thermostat calls for an increase.


Running your fan continually will allow the warm air to be circulated throughout the home over a longer duration of time decreasing the stagnant pockets of cold and warm air throughout the home due to the lack of circulated air flow. You should see a more comfortable difference in your homes overall temperature in a matter of a few hours.

First check items: (Before running fan in ON position)

1.) Make sure your return vents are not covered. (Use a tissue in front of vent to determine Returns)

2.) Filter is clean

3.) Clean Fan blades that are covered in lint or debris

4.) Have System Serviced by Qualified HVAC Professional annually

Running your fan continually should not be considered a replacement for proper Preventative maintenance, I recommend having your Furnace checked and cleaned annually by a qualified HVAC technician so questions you might have can be answered professionally.

What is the real value of hiring a qualified professional Home Inspector?

Hidden costs, and dangers are in every home, and most American’s continue to discount the real value of hiring a qualified professional Home Inspector, Most people don’t consider the fact that the cost of a home inspection is typically less than 0.15% of the value of the home, but carries so much more value for the home owner with safety, cost savings and time concerns, paying home owners back hundreds and even thousands of dollars on their investment having the home money with a qualified professional home inspector

Most people think they are good at spotting things when walking the home of their dreams, and think they can save money by not having an inspection. Many times the excitement and distractions of imagining how their possessions will look or fit in the home can blur their focus of hidden issues?

Ever watch a Fix and Flip show? Costs can add up quickly for the buyer with hidden issues. Knowing the issues gives you the power to negotiate with the seller to have items fixed prior to your move!

In Summary

Home inspections are an advantage for both Buyer and Seller’s. The seller is not surprised by requests because they have the opportunity to make repairs prior to the sell, which saves them time and money while keeping the closing on track, and the buyer can negotiate with the seller over safety items, repairs or replacement costs before closing on the property.

As you can see no matter how you look at it a home inspector saves clients money, time, and safety concerns for family members. What a small price to pay for your families safety and keeping your budget.

Home Inspectors Making it Safe!

There are many reasons why I decided to become a home inspector, when there are so many home inspectors out there? But nothing makes my day more than knowing that I may have saved a life. Granted I have never ran into a burning building, or jumped in front of a speeding bullet, but some of the things I have found for my clients were ticking time bombs waiting to cause harm.

Whether it is an arching main breaker, hot, and melting transformers buried under insulation, or exposed live wires ready to zap someone.

I feel each client of Home Pulse Pro home inspection should feel safe and secure knowing that their home has been fully inspected by our qualified state licensed Home Inspectors for any safety Hazards or Deficiencies, so they can move onto the newest chapters of their lives with peace of mind.


Home Owners Check List

Owning your dream home is a great feeling, but knowing how to maintain your homes condition and safety can be a guessing game to most, and can lead to extra cost down the road if items are left not checked. The good news is that Home Pulse Pro home inspection provide you with a Home owners check list for free.

It can be intimidating to think about everything that needs to be done, especially if you’re a new homeowner. It’s a long list but its also your investment into you and your families future. The good news is that most of the list items require very little knowledge or skill to perform and if you do get hung up, Google is a good friend to turn too, and if you really get stuck, you can call up your neighbor or local pro to help you out.

Click here for your free printable home owners check list

Home Inspections “Not Just for the Buyers”

Selling your home without a home inspectionMany sellers elect to leave the home inspection to the buyers.
"But that's a mistake that can lead to extra costs and stress for the seller"

When the buyers get a Home inspection (and if they’re smart, they will), the sellers will have little time to complete repairs and keep the sale on track.

But if sellers have a home inspection before putting it on the market, they have more time to get repairs done, reduce negotiations over repairs, and with the extra time, they can also shop around and control their costs.

Both buyers and sellers often wait too long to engage with a home inspector. You should contact a home inspector long before you have (or make) an offer. Some buyers and sellers will wait until the second-to-last day before they even call. “Increasing the chance the home inspector will be booked out.”

Contact us Home Pulse Pro home inspections is here to help.

What do Home Inspectors look for?

Want to know what a Home Inspector looks for?

Prepared by the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) and based upon the National Standards of Practice (Annotated).
The purpose of this E-book is to identify what home inspectors are legally required to look for when conducting a home inspection.

Click on the picture or link below to find out.

A Guide for Real Estate Agents Click Here


What our Clients think.

Home Pulse Pro,  “Mike”   Informed me of some issues that my original home inspector did not tell us that could of cost us thousands down the road.  Mike’s advice on our inspection was instrumental in us selling our home, knowing all Pre-sell issues that could of come up were taken care.

We also used Mike on our new home purchase, which gave us confidence knowing we were buying a home that was inspected by a professional


North Aurora, IL

Do I need covers on my widow wells?

I highly recommend you have covers on your window wells. Window wells are part of the egress window as a means of escape from a below grade section of a home in the event of an emergency.

The benefits of window wells go beyond avoiding property damage and beautifying your home. Window wells and covers will provide your family with an emergency exit, help guard your basement windows from intruders, animals, dangerous falls, and debris/snow buildup from blocking not only the exit but normal drainage, which can lead to not only moisture penetration but an over worked sump pump, and unnecessary repairs/replacement costs.

Having a window well without a cover is like keeping an open pit in your yard. More and more insurance companies across the nation are aware of the dangers of uncovered wells, and require homeowners to securely cover their window wells. Even if your insurance doesn’t demand it, it’s highly recommended that you protect yourself.

For more information on Window wells and how to maintain them. click here

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What our Clients Think

I just have to say you were great. I appreciate you being on time and taking time to answer all of my questions. Thanks again for finding the issue with t

I just have to say you were great. I appreciate you being on time and taking time to answer all of my questions. Thanks again for finding the issue with the …

I just have to say you were great. I appreciate you being on time and taking time to answer all of my questions. Thanks again for finding the issue with the electrical panel. It could have been a nightmare. I highly recommend you to all.

Sheryl E.


I just have to say you were great. I appreciate you being on time and taking time to answer all of my questions. Thanks again for finding the issue with the …

What are some effects of poor Venting and insulation in attic?

What are some effects of poor venting and insulation in an attic?


"Frosting" effects of poor venting and insulation

Located on the roof sheathing, nails and rafters which will cause deterioration of materials and shorten the life of the roofing system. The cause is due to warm moist air rising into the attic space which builds up then freezes. This is a winter time effect where an attic space is not vented properly and maintaining a good air flow, which can be due to bathroom or appliance vents leaking or ending in attic, insulation covering soffits, missing baffles to soffits, and lack of proper insulation.

Ice Dams:

Ice Dams
Ice Dams

Ice dams are caused when snow on the roof melts then refreezes at the edge of the roof before it runs off. This ice then accumulates and pushes back under the shingles and can lead to major damage when the ice melts.


Constant moisture can cause metal components of the roof, like nails, to rust and potentially break, loosen and lead to the loss of shingles. Condensation can also rust other attic components like plumbing, heating, and venting duct straps resulting in a shortened life.

Air Conditioner:

Excessive heat will cause your air conditioner to work harder to cool your living space. This means an overworked condenser unit that will require more frequent maintenance and repairs, or eventual replacement of your air conditioner unit.


Excessive heat:

In the warmer months poor roof ventilation means heat can be trapped in the attic by external temperatures from the sun beating on the roof along with the rising heat from the rest of the house trying to escape. Instead the heat then pushes downward into the living space raising the internal temperature and your electric bill.

For more Information on how to improve your attic ventilation Click here.

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