What is the real value of hiring a qualified professional Home Inspector?

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Hidden costs, and dangers are in every home, and most American’s continue to discount the real value of hiring a qualified professional Home Inspector, Most people don’t consider the fact that the cost of a home inspection is typically less than 0.15% of the value of the home, but carries so much more value for the home owner with safety, cost savings and time concerns, paying home owners back hundreds and even thousands of dollars on their investment having the home inspected.save money with a qualified professional home inspector

Most people think they are good at spotting things when walking the home of their dreams, and think they can save money by not having an inspection. Many times the excitement and distractions of imagining how their possessions will look or fit in the home can blur their focus of hidden issues?

Ever watch a Fix and Flip show? Costs can add up quickly for the buyer with hidden issues. Knowing the issues gives you the power to negotiate with the seller to have items fixed prior to your move!

In Summary

Home inspections are an advantage for both Buyer and Seller’s. The seller is not surprised by requests because they have the opportunity to make repairs prior to the sell, which saves them time and money while keeping the closing on track, and the buyer can negotiate with the seller over safety items, repairs or replacement costs before closing on the property.

As you can see no matter how you look at it a home inspector saves clients money, time, and safety concerns for family members. What a small price to pay for your families safety and keeping your budget.